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Your Daily Dose (Proverbs 22:29)

The Results of the Diligent


Proverbs 22:29, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings…”

Not only history but the Bible draws our attention to seeing the man that is diligent in his business. In the pages of God’s Word we are able to observe men like Joseph, David, Nehemiah, Daniel and many others, who were begotten in obscurity without popularity, position, or power and yet were thrust into a purpose that placed them before kings.

These men where not the type that sat on a couch playing video games waiting for that great opportunity. These men where not the I want it; you owe it; so give it to me, I feel oppressed type. These men were men who where diligent in their business; industrious, hard working, faithful, steady, active, improving their time, and talents, for greater use. In the obscurity of being a shepherd over his father’s sheep, David was becoming a cunning player, a mighty valiant man, a man of war, a prudent and coming man, and a man that walked with the Lord. David did not become “the man” when he defeated Goliath or rose to the throne of Israel. He defeated Goliath and rose to the throne of Israel because he was “the man”.

You don’t need to be a who’s who with men. It is more important what God sees. When a man is diligent in his business, faithful to the truth, sincere in his service, true to the Lord; The Lord is able to engineer the circumstances to place him before kings.

What you are doing right now in the obscurity of your dorm room, in the late hours in the library, in the routine of the classroom, in the menial offices of labor, in the moments alone with God, all that is not seen will one day be seen when you stand before kings and when you kneel before the King.

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