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Your Daily Dose (Proverbs 20:18)

Proverbs 20:18, “Every purpose is established by counsel…”

images-4The heart of man is exuberant when purposes are established and goals are accomplished; but oh how the heart droops when purposes are disappointed. When purposes are established for our good there is great satisfaction; when purposes are established to our detriment our purpose turns to bitter regrets.

The key to establishing good and godly purposes is “counsel”. No man possess supreme wisdom. We are limited in our vision. We are biased in our opinions. We are often deceived by our intentions. It is good in everything to act with deliberation and counsel.

A few moments of advice will prevent a lifetime of regret. Everyone should have a “multitude of counsellors”. These counsellors should be more than just a group of peers for they are limited in their wisdom and experience. Seek the wisdom of God; use His Word as a lamp unto your feet. Seek the instruction of your father and mother, it will become an ornament of grace unto thy head. Seek the insight of your Pastor, he is shepherd ordained to feed the flock. Seek the experience of the gray head, for they have walked where you are attempting to trod. Learn from the failure of the fool, his way was right in his OWN eyes.

Seek counsel; apply counsel; pursue your purpose!

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