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The Commander’s Compromise

How 3 Critical Choices Broke Sin’s Bondage and Manifested a Miracle in Naaman’s Life


By:  Bro. Adam Tigges



So often we hear the word compromise and we assume it’s a bad thing.  – And don’t get me wrong, often it can be. But if someone’s going down the wrong path, they’ll either compromise away from doing the wrong thing toward doing the right thing, or stay stuck. How many ways are you in need of a change?

“If you don’t change your direction,  you just might wind up where you’re going.” – Anonymous

Today we’re going to learn about the 3 major compromises that caused the Syrian Commander, Naaman to recover from the most deadly and notorious disease of his day – and how you can have similar victory by making similar adjustments.

Click here for the biblical account in 2 Kings 5:1-14.


1.  Naaman Compromised His Cracked Creed

Naaman was the supreme commander of the Syrian forces, second only to King Benhadad II. That means Naaman no doubt had access to the best medical treatment of his day.  We also find Naaman accompanies the king in worshiping the pagan god,  Rimmon (2 Kings 5:18).

But here’s the problem:  modern medicine and pagan worship weren’t curing Naaman. And that’s why Naaman had to compromise his convictions and look outside of man’s methods and false religion. Why? Because as a leper (find out more about leprosy), Naaman’s condition was:

  • Debilitating – his ability to conduct his soldierly activities was hindered
  • Desperate – leprosy was terminal and rapidly claimed victims
  • Discernible – the sores, open wounds, and decayed flesh were impossible to hide

Throughout Scripture, leprosy is a picture and type of putrid sin. Such as? Fornication. Adultery. Homosexuality. Murder. Rape. Witchcraft.

But how about those “Baptist” sins? Gluttony. Bitterness. Unforgivness. Strife. Backbiting. (Eph. 4:31). There’s no two ways about it folks… unrepentant sin is as spiritual leprosy in the eyes of God!


2.  Naaman Compromised the Courier’s Credibility

As Naaman’s condition worsened, he became increasingly willing to listen to a little Hebrew maid who served in his house (2 Kings 5:2-3). Naaman had no reason to believe her, especially since she lacked:

  • Credentials – she knew nothing about Syrian medicine and didn’t seem to be anyone notable
  • Commonality – as a conquered subject, Jews were treated as inferior
  • Cause for Compassion – with herself a slave, and her family likely massacred, would you help save Naaman’s life if you were the little maid?

Given the opportunity, would you help your enemy? We are told to love our enemies (Matt. 5:44). Take it a step further, we shouldn’t be happy when things go wrong in their lives (Prov. 24:17). Who is that one person who has done you extraordinary harm – would you help save their life like the little maid did?


3.  Naaman Compromised Preconceived Conditions of the Cure

If Naaman was to benefit from Elisha’s help, Naaman had to compromise his expectation of how a healing was going to take place. Here’s what he needed to exchange:

  • Pretentiousness for Pliability – Naaman had to forsake pride for humility (Luke 14:11)
  • The Procedure for the Product – Naaman expected to be healed a different way (2 Kings 5:11)
  • The Preferential for the Prescribed – Naaman wanted other rivers but only Jordan worked (2 Kings 5:12)

If it weren’t for Naaman’s servants, he may have missed his miracle and died a leper. Who in your life has helped pull you out of the funk you are in? Maybe things aren’t going the way you planned… what if that’s God’s way of telling you it’s time to compromise your preconceived ideas for His ways?


Conclusion:  April 1865, Appomattox, Virginia.

General Robert E. Lee is commander of the Army of Northern Virginia and his army is battered, starving, disastrously ill-equipped and for all intents and purposes vanquished. The general has a decision to make.Lee Surrendering to Grant

Situation 1:  He could stubbornly continue his campaign suffering countless more unnecessary casualties and undignified defeat.

Situation 2:  He could accept General Ulysses S. Grant’s unbelievably generous handwritten terms of surrender, which granted his men freedom from being prosecuted for treason, allowed them could keep their horses and mules, and provided them with much needed rations.

And the rest they say, is history. General Lee accepted Grant’s terms of surrender putting an end to one of the bloodiest sagas in American history – a compromise that ended the barbaric carnage and reunited the United States as one nation under God.

You might be surprised by this, but just suppose God wants to compromise with you, or to “reason” with you… does that sound like something you’re interested in? If Yes, CLICK HERE.

Our story started with the last five words of verse 1, “but he was a leper” and it ended with the last four words of verse 14, “and he was clean”. And everything in between recollects how Naaman’s physical and spiritual health was gloriously reconditioned because he made three life-saving conversions

…Will you?

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