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Don’t Look Among The Tombs

pastor edward mast


By:  Pastor Edward Mast


The overwEmpty Tombhelmed sinner, living among the tombs of this world will often curse and shake his fist at God…but when a sinner has been freed from their condemnation, their anger is turned to joy and their bitterness into praise.

When the scales of darkness are removed and the hand of the Holy One does a work in the heart of man and the voice of the Redeemer thunders with authority for the dead to come forth, death cannot keep his prey. The lifeless spirit of fallen man is quickened. The chains of sin are broken. The stone of hopelessness is rolled away and the Glory of the Risen Savior floods into the Tomb of Despair expelling the darkness of death that once imprisoned the tortured sin-sick soul.

The redeemed is called into His marvelous light and death is forced to surrender to Everlasting Life. The hands of Mercy remove the tattered and rotting grave clothes from the humbled saint and Grace lovingly bathes the resurrected in the blood of the Lamb. The rags of sin are discarded and the child of God is fitted with garments of righteousness provided by the Intercessor of Heaven.

All of Heaven’s host rejoice at the rebirth of God’s beloved and the songs of the celestial choir can be heard throughout the great halls of eternity.The Justified now stands in the charity of a loving and compassionate God; his heart is changed. The clenched fists of anger are now hands of praise, the bitter heart of cursing is now the repentant heart of blessing.

Fear has been replaced by faith, weakness with strength, hatred with love and confusion with understanding. The lips that once lay dominate cannot help but sing, “Love lifted me,” “I am Redeemed,” and “Victory in Jesus”.
Believer if your faith has been shaken…resurrect your praise.

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